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Help Students Connect Chemistry, Biology, and Physics to Food


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Here are my favorite links:

Institute of Food Technologists:  IFT Experiments in Food Science Series.  8 February 2009 <>

This site provides experiments and handouts that use food to teach chemistry and biology principles.  Experiments are designed for use in middle and senior high school science classes.  All materials found in this module may be reproduced for classroom distribution.

 In Search of Perfection.  Ed.  Heston Blumenthal.  6 February 2009 <>

This site provides articles, experiments and recipes that cover sensory perception on taste, roles of fat in food, heat and meat cooking, carbon dioxide in cooking, and microwaves. Information is also provided about the highly respected food scientists who wrote the experiments.  Editors Jennifer Williams and Sandra Vitanovic.  6 February 2009 <>

This site provides experiments designed to teach concepts related to acids and bases, freezing point, chemical reaction, and more.  Experiments are suitable for middle school and basic chemistry classes.

The Accidental Scientist:  The Science of Cooking.  National Science Foundation.  10 February 2009 <>

This site explores recipes, activities, and Webcasts that enhance our understanding of the science behind food and cooking.

Institute of Food Technologists:  Outreach Presentations.  11 February 2009 <>

This site provides presentation templates created for the IFT's Food Science Ambassadors for use when they visit schools or community groups and discuss food science; the templates are customizable.  The templates cover many areas of food science, including food processing and preservation, food safety, and sensory science.

Teens Health:  What Do Food Labels Really Say?  Nemours Foundation.  10 February 2009 <>

Use this site to learn how to decode the information on nutrition labels.  Food Experiments.  11 February 2009 <>

This page lists various press releases, articles, books, and experiments when a search for “food experiments” is performed on the NSTA website.  Food Science.  Ed.  Steve Spangler.  11 February 2009 <>

This site provides quick experiments and supporting rationale to help students test, explore, and learn about food.  Food and Cooking Chemistry.  The New York Times Company.  11 February 2009 <>

This site provides an extensive list of links related to the chemistry of foods and cooking, including information about vitamins, minerals, processes, herbs, ingredients, and other kitchen chemistry.

Tripod Image Gallery.  1 April 2009 <>

Image Gallery features over 10,000 images that are free and easy to add to a Tripod website.  Images are photos, clip art, web elements and more.  Free Photos.  6 April 2009 <>           

           Search this site and download high resolution stock images for free.


 Here are my favorite books and journals:

 Hillman, Howard.  The New Kitchen Science.  New York:  Houghton Mifflin Company, 2003.

Revised and updated, the author provides the latest findings about everything “food”—from cooking methods, equipment, and food storage to nutrition and health concerns. 

 Lindstrom, Elizabeth, E (Editor).  Odyssey:  Adventures in Science.  Peterborough, NH:  Carus Publishing Company, 2008.

A magazine published 9 times a year, targeting readers ages 14 - 18.  Each issue features a selection of articles and activities for a particular topic in science. 

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