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Help Students Connect Chemistry, Biology, and Physics to Food

WebQuest Project

WebQuest Project
Digital Story

WebQuest: Understanding Obesity, Especially For Teenagers


This WebQuest helps young teenagers understand:
  • what obesity is;
  • if they are genetically predisposed to obesity;
  • how their "bad" eating habits can make them obese;
  • how being obese affects the functioning of their bodies; and
  • the prevalence and geographies of obesity in the United States.

This WebQuest is designed for 9th grade students to discover obesity personally, for teenagers in general, and at a state and national level. 

Students work collaboratively as they search for information on the Internet and apply it; then, students work individually to "personalize" the information.  

The products of the WebQuest include (1) an annotated bibliography complete with questions/answers and calculations, (2) a food diary, and (3) a reflection paragraph.  These products are to be created using Word and Excel and submitted as attachements in a email to their teacher so that they may further their use of information technology. 

This is a "mock site," created for a NJCU graduate-level course.
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